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Tone Quality

Music Theory

Customized Instruction

One-On-One Instruction

Private Lessons

Each lesson will be customized to fit the needs of each individual musician. During the lessons we will work on the clarinet basics, musicality, quality tone production, music theory etc. 


Students will be expanding their musical knowledge and performances by understanding the underlying story behind the music itself; matching the expressive qualities of the music being performed. Achieving mastery in order to utilize music as self expression.


Each lesson is a one on one experience with the instructor. This provides for maximum attention to detail and the ability to dive deeper into music; catering to the needs of the individual musician.

Tone Quality

Lessons will consist of a focus on tone production and breath support balancing the two to create a rich sound from your instrument.

Customized Instruction

Every musician is at a different point in their musical journey. With that said, each lesson will be customized for each particular student to ensure a high level of instruction focused soley on the musician.  


30 minutes

This short lesson is perfect for the busy schedule or for a quick refresher of materials. Time does go by pretty quickly so this lesson will be in a fast paced environment.

45 Minutes

A happy medium between the hour long and 30 minute lesson. This 45 minute lesson is great for a beginner musician who is working on building their embouchure. 

1 hour

The 1 hour lesson is ideal for music making and learning. This time block allows for adequate time to perform and instruct new concepts and material. Hour lessons provide time to review basic theory and explanation while working through the music.


“When I was taught by Mrs. White I learned a lot more than I would have in a class, since it was just me and she could teach however she thought was best for me specifically. She was very good at seeing what the best way would be, and also great at teachering that way.”

Peter Mitton

“Courtney teaches more than just music. She teaches *people* in impactful ways that have had a positive effect on my children.”

Rick Twigg


Courtney White